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Look after yourself - a few ideas and tips

Look after yourself - a few ideas and tips

  1. Add some fresh berries, a little chia and linseeds to your breakfast. Add to your smoothie, oatmeal or yoghurt.
  2. We all know about water - make it a habit .
  3. Enjoy a cup of tea every day - why not experiment and try turmeric tea?
  4. Cook your own meals.
  5. Lose sugary foods - we know sugar can upset our digestion, make us moody, tired and it really doesn't satisfy our appetite.
  6. Activity - we know we need to move. Make an effort to stretch.
  7. Eat well and eat good fats - raw coconut, almonds, walnuts, cashews, chia seeds, pepitas, sesame seeds (or tahini).
  8. Negative self talk? Create new messages and change your mindset.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Be social (its our nature)
  11. Give.
  12. Greens are good - try eating one green food per day.

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