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Organic L.S.A.

Organic L.S.A.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the ingredients and their goodness in L.S.A.

Linseeds  - super high in omega 3 fats which play a role in maintaining cholesterol levels. These are important fats to our diets. They are also known as flax seeds (from the flax plant). A natural source of energy, high in protein and iron and rich in fibre with an added benefits of zinc, calcium, V B1  & B6.  A powerhouse.

Sunflower Seeds – these have a mild pleasing nutty taste and texture which comes through in the mix. A lovely gift from the sunflower which has petals emanating from its bright yellow seeded centre. The flower produces tear dropped shaped seeds which have a high oil content. They are source of  VE, magnesium and selenium and may have anti inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits.

Almonds – although they are high in fat (good fats), almonds are a nutritious and extremely health tree nut. They have an amazing amount of nutrients – fibre, protein and VE. They also contain a decent amount of copper, VB2  and phosphorus.

So as a mix, LSA is a powerhouse – AND – SF HEALTH FOODS provide a great choice – conventional and ORGANIC.


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